5 content marketing myths to bust today!

When I interact with fellow marketers, we innately believe that content marketing is a necessary tool for ALL businesses, bar none. But I’ve recently realized that I’m living in a content marketing bubble…

Outside, in the real world, where job opportunities and decision-making lie, businesses often think content marketing isn’t critical. I’ve seen organizations (big and small, before anyone jumps to conclusions!) impulsively publish a couple of blog posts when web traffic drops. Or push out some social media posts to gain new followers. Or create a trendy video in the hope it will go viral.

However, these short fixes won’t solve their larger problem: a non-existent content marketing strategy.

There’s so much misinformation floating on the internet around what content marketing is and isn’t. As a leader, if you’re focused on prioritizing your business or product, I’m sure content marketing facts and myths aren’t on top of your mind!

So, here’s a roundup of some common content marketing myths I’ve heard in the recent past (either personally or through research), just for you. Let’s bust some myths today! 💪

Myth #1: Your work is done once content is published

I get it. Developing and publishing content can be a tedious process in itself. Especially when you need to keep your broad vision, goals, stakeholder approvals and KPIs in mind for every content piece. So it’s convenient to assume that once your content is published, your job is done. Often, that’s not the case.

Busting the myth!

Reviewing your published content gives you a clear picture of what your audience likes to read. When you measure how your content performed, you’ll see that some content has better numbers (like page views or shares) than others. By diving deep, you can assess if a particular content topic was more relevant to your audience, or maybe promoting it on social media helped. Or something else, altogether! Either way, analyzing your published content gives you clarity on your content strategy!

Myth #2: Creating quality content isn’t sustainable

A reasonable fear that many businesses face is maintaining high quality levels on their content consistently. You may worry about running out of important or engaging things to say, and you’re not the only one! But when you’re looking to improve quality, the only way to consistently deliver is by listening to your customers.

Busting the myth!

Connecting with your sales teams or frontline staff can help you understand your customers’ needs and concerns intimately. Customers are often open to sharing ideas that bring positive change to them AND their community. Creating content around things that matter to your customers can drastically improve the quality and converting power of your content!

Myth #3: A small business doesn’t need a content marketing strategy

I’ve heard this one so many times, I’ve lost count! Maybe a common assumption is that large enterprises produce more content and therefore, have more need for a content marketing strategy. Or maybe customers only read content that comes from a “credible”, larger business — hence, said larger business must invest in content more. Either way, this is a myth that must be busted ASAP!

Busting the myth!

People often think that a content marketing strategy is an expensive investment without direct results. However, content marketing is much more authentic, beneficial and educational than even a sales push. It’s a great way to let your customers know what’s happening in your industry, without actively pitching your product in a manner that may put them off. Every business, regardless of size, WILL benefit from a content marketing strategy!

Myth #4: Target audiences don’t care or respond to content marketing

When 70% of consumers would prefer to learn about a product or service through content rather than traditional advertising, you know this myth is false! A huge reason why content marketing works is because everyone wants to feel like you’re talking to them personally, sharing anecdotes that help them understand more about a product, service, business or industry.

Busting the myth!

Your customer base is no different from the above statistic. Your content should tell your audience a story, educate them on market trends (without condescension) and allow them to make an informed decision when they choose a product. This way, your target audiences will 100% care about your content marketing! (don’t quote me on that 100%, I made it up. But you get my point.)

Myth #5: Our business story isn’t unique, so content marketing won’t help

This myth wouldn’t have made it to the list, but I recently heard this statement and wanted to use this article to address it. I find it very surprising when businesses feel their story isn’t unique or compelling. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, how big your organization is, or what product you sell. Every business story is different and worth writing about.

Busting the myth!

It’s important to know and trust that you bring something valuable to the table. Your content marketing strategy and ‘story’ should come from this uniqueness. Use your content to tell a story about your numbers, your authentic client stories, your wonderful employees or your tailored solutions. Remember, if your business story isn’t unique, you wouldn’t be in business!

While I’ve read/heard many more content marketing myths, I’d love to know which ones particularly irked you! 😉 Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!



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